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Copyright Info: Copyright info must be displayed like the following -

© Artist
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Mysitcal Scraps License Number

1. Tubes are for online, personal use only.
2. Tubes may not be sold, shared or used for profit or commercial use.
3. All Tubes may not be upsized; they may be downsized.
4. All creations with tubes must display Artist's copyright information as well as your license number.
5. You may use only the  images you purchase. Purchasing an image and acquiring a license does not give you unlimited access to all images, only to those you have directly purchased.
a) Tubes may not be used to promote violence,racial or ethnic hatred,or to further your personal vendettas and agendas.
b) Tubes may not be used to intimidate or discriminate against any individuals or groups.
c) Tubes may be used to entertain,educate and inspire.
6. Creations using tubes may not be "blank" and the appropriate copyright credits and license numbers are required on each creation. A shared creation must have text on it (names, quotes for "extras", etc.). Websets, calendars, blog layouts, Facebook Timeline Covers and desktop backgrounds are allowed. Appropriate copyright information, including your license number, must be given within the credits.  Avatars may only use artwork and your license number due to size.  Facebook Timeline Covers must display all copyright information (except URL due to Facebook policies), however, just as with any shared personal creation, they may not be blank.  ALL CREATIONS must contain names or wording/quotes.
7. Certain elements of the tubes, such as clothing and jewelery, may be sparkled or glittered. Borders, lettering, names, etc. may be added and animated, to enhance the main image.
a) ANIMATION: May be used sparingly as long as it does not change integrity of original image
b) COLORING: You may convert the image to grayscale or colorize an image all one color to match the tag (sepia, monotone, etc.).
8. Tubes may not be mixed with another artist's tubes.
9. ELEMENTS: You may place elements over nude parts of rated R images. You may not add clothing, wings, halos, etc. to the original art as this is considered alteration.
10. Stock photography may be used in creations displaying artwork. When combining art with stock photographs, you must display copyright information like this: Photograph by "Photographer Name" Usage of your own photography in creations is permitted. When combining tubes and your own photography, you must display copyright information like stated above. When using digital scrapbooking kits, no copyright symbol may be used in conjunction with Artist's copyright information. You may however put "Tagged By" and your name.
11. You may create tutorials using Artist tubes. You may not offer your licensed tube for download for any tutorial written and shared. As with any tags, all © Info must be present and the tag may not be blank.
12. Mystical Scraps will not honor refunds for tube purchases. If you double purchase (meaning accidentally purchasing two or more of any tube) then provide customer service with your receipt(s) and we will replace the duplicate(s) with another tube of your choice.
13. Artist reserves the right to amend, change or update the Terms of Use at any given time.
14. Thank you for reading and abiding by the entire terms of use.

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